J U L I E    E D W A R D S

Julie grew up in North London where her father worked in the press which meant she was used to seeing just about every newspaper every day and grew up being inspired by the photography in The Times  and other supplements as well as Life Magazine and National Geographic.

Julie works mainly in the entertainment industry with her love being documentary photography: photography that tells a story. Her belief is that there is beauty everywhere, even at seemingly dull events and the trick is to find them. 

In 2018 Julie set herself new challenges, being voted onto the Board of the British Press Photographers Association, helping to improve the image and practices of working press photographers. She also took the big step of venturing in front of the camera for fellow photographers which has given her a new perspective on how it feels to be the other side of of a photoshoot, knowledge that is helping her work in the studio. 

In addition to being regularly featured in UK publications (magazines and newspapers), Julie's photography often appears in the international press, books and on CD, DVD and Blu-Ray booklets and covers.


"As Managing Director of PR agency Clout Communications and co-director of leading genre film festival FrightFest, I have employed Julie  Edwards over a period of ten years in the capacity of events photographer and studio photographer for various clients. I have consistently found the results of her work to be of the highest quality, She not only fulfils the brief, she goes beyond it in terms of imagination, technical quality and consistency. Client satisfaction has always been very high and I’d have no hesitation in continuing to hire her, as it is rare to find a photographer as good on the red carpet and on media walls as in the studio dealing with strong personalities and egos." (Greg Day)

"We asked Julie to photograph an event that was out of her comfort area. She applied her self very professionally and we hardly knew she was there. She exceeded all of my expectations and I am delighted to recommend Julie. She catches moments in photos, that other totally miss. Run to employ this lovely, modest and excellent photographer." (Jane Carlisle-Leahy) 

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