Julie Edwards: Monochrome

Julie Edwards is one of our Sussex-based photographers. She is well known for her high profile celebrity event coverage from around the World. Her style is unique and her back catalogue impressive. 

‘Monochrome’ is a curated exhibition of her work which will be showing on the south coast from this weekend. The monochrome theme for her images captures the dreamy, old-age feel of red carpet events, while allowing in-depth exploration of light and dark shades.

We asked Julie why she favours monochrome over colour;

“So often I am asked ‘why do you shoot monochrome so much” or “why is your feed from #cannes all black and white’ I think if comes down to three things. 

1. I learnt to photograph in black and white on film like many photographers my age. I think that once you learn to see in light and shade, to read the light and how it affects the image, it is very difficult to see any other way and although I understand and control colour, #monochrome is my root. 

Image ©Julie Edwards

2. It’s the classic ‘Glamour’ image, think back to the images of the stars in the ’60’s, black and white, harsh light, I love that photography and in my own small way, I try to bring my version of this glamorous image. 

3. The final reason is quite basic. Stripping out the colour strips put a level of complexity in the
image, it leaves just the emotion, laying the person and moment totally open…”

Are there any events you have particularly enjoyed shooting?

“I love cannes - the nature of the red carpet- the positions of the photographers, the hustle and speed means you can make photographs there that are unmistakably “cannes” and which are like no other event.”

Monochrome is at East Beach Studios in Worthing, Sussex and will run from 20th November - 23rd December.

Image ©Julie Edwards

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