New Signing! Welcome SUJATA SETIA

We met Sujata at the AOP and began ‘dating’ through ShotByWomen. It was clear to us from the start that her work was exquisite. However, photographer representation is not as simple as ‘we love your work so let’s get you signed up’. As with any relationship, it’s important to learn more about each other, to see how well you fit together, to ensure you have mutual respect and understanding about your future together, before any firm commitment is made. An agent’s role as Shadchan (matchmaker) is not sustainable without this knowledge.

Images © Sujata Setia

Sujata’s powerful series ‘Changing The Conversation’ (four images from this series above) has won multiple awards including Gold for AOP’s Open Award and 1854Media/BJP’s Female In Focus.

Often working with sensitive marginalised narratives, Sujata’s personality radiates through every piece of work that she produces, clearly conveying warmth and understanding. 

We are so excited to be announcing this new and perfect addition to the Female Perspective talent roster. Welcome Sujata!


What a year 2022 was for Female Perspective on so many levels.  We worked with some amazing clients, new and old, on campaigns, re-brands, events and album artwork. We launched ShotByWomen as the world’s first ever stock image library to house exclusively female-created content. We hosted a panel discussion at Photo London. We introduced our exceptional roster of talent to Nikon who have signed  Scarlet Page as a Nikon Ambassador (more on Nikon to be announced in the near future). Even waving goodbye to the extremely talented Suzanne Plunkett, after only a year of representation, was in a way a huge win for us …. Suzanne is now working Chief Photographer for UK and Ireland at Reuters.  We miss her a great deal already, but how utterly brilliant to learn that a huge corporation within our industry has lit the torch for guiding others to select from a broader landscape of photographers where women are included. 

As a relatively new business before the pandemic, we aren’t ahead of the race just yet, but we are very much enjoying it so far and excited about what 2023 holds in store. 

New signing to be announced shortly!

Nikon Sessions: Music Photography

What a way to start the New Year with these words of wisdom on Music Photography from our very own Scarlet Page and Shirlaine Forrest, accompanied by Conor McDonnell and Pep Bonet, in this superb interview with Nikon School’s Ricci Chera. Launched on TouTube today. Highly recommend viewing!

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