Who We Are

A female's perspective is different to a male's. Not better or worse,  just different. It might evolve from the sensitive nature of a shoot, the moments chosen to be captured or purely the feel of the images, but our female intuition means we see things in a different way. And that's what we want to share with you. 

Created by established photographer Tabatha Fireman, Female Perspective is the first of its kind for many years in the UK. We offer our clients a carefully curated selection of highly renowned, professional women photographers, all on one platform.  Each of our photographers present a wide ranging and uniquely 'female-perspectived' portfolio, and are qualified to meet the demands of any brief. 

In addition to providing both a simple platform for clients to find high end women photographers, Female Perspective will be giving back to females directly by donating 5% of the photographer's fee from each assignment to a chosen female-related charity.


What We Do

Female Perspective provides a complete end to end service, taking care of every aspect of your commission. Assisting with selecting the perfect photographer for each shoot, through to production and syndication (where required), we are here to make your commission seamless. Having worked in the industry for many years as both photographer and assignment editor, Tabatha's twenty years of experience provides clients with this unique 360 degree service.

All our photographers are handpicked females, qualified to produce images of the highest standard, even when met with high pressured conditions and tight deadlines. 

We look forward to giving you a little bit of our female perspective on life. 
So, please get in touch to discuss your specifics.


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Phone Number: +44(0)7572 920417

Email Address:  hq@female-perspective.com

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